Zubsolv is another brand name for the combination medication buprenorphine + naloxone. Thus, it is an equivalent medication to Suboxone. To learn more about the combination of buprenorphine + naloxone, please click on the Suboxone link below.

It should be noted that while the active ingredients of Zubsolv are the same as Suboxone (i.e., buprenorphine and naloxone), due to a difference in formulation the bioavailability (which refers to the percentage of medication that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream and is available to perform the function that the medication is intended for) is higher. This means, that a smaller dose of Zubsolv needs to be taken to have the same effect as a higher dose of Suboxone.

Thus, if a patient switches from Suboxone to Zubsolv or vice versa, they will note a different dose on their prescription. However, the effect of the different doses should be equivalent or nearly equivalent.

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