Below is a link to an article from Vox that addresses an issue that some Senators are raising – did the expansion of medicaid fuel the opioid crisis by allowing easier and cheaper access to prescription opioids? It is an interesting argument, and the article points out some evidence that this may not be true. Seems logical to at least some degree though. It cannot be denied that a large number of prescription narcotics, including opioids, make it to the streets. We even see this with prescription Suboxone, which is now covered by Medicaid.The article also provides other interesting insights into the latest trends in this epidemic, namely that while prescription drug overdose deaths are leveling off (not quite plateaued, but not rising so sharply as before), those from heroin and fentanyl are rising. This has to be a huge concern for everyone involved as we move forward.



Senate Republicans are trying to blame Medicaid for the opioid epidemic bit.ly Senate Republicans are holding a hearing on the issue. But the evidence suggests it’s not a real problem.