Mental Health Treatment


Addiction is a very complex and multi-faceted condition with wide-ranging consequences. It affects every aspect of a patient’s health from physical symptoms to mental well-being. It also disrupts life in many excruciating ways causing more stress, poor self-esteem, increased depression and anxiety, broken relationships with friends and family, and inability to earn a living, to name a few. There is no way that a medication – even one as effective as Suboxone – can by itself help patients fight the scourge of addiction. Counseling plays a large role in recovery.

At Medtriq Treatment Services, we are taking a comprehensive approach to the treatment of addiction.  We strongly believe that counseling must be an integral part of any treatment plan, and that it must incorporate not just chemical dependency but also mental health. This is essential if patients are to find long-lasting solutions to the biggest barriers in their recovery process.

We now offer in-house substance abuse counseling, and have also partnered with multiple counseling agencies in the communities where our clinics are located in order to ensure that chemical dependency and mental health counseling are an integral part of our treatment process.


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